Our Three Program Pillars

Our programs adhere to a three basic pillar approach. Read below to find out more about the three things we emphasize in our pedagogic approach each day!

First Pillar: Academics


​Our first program pillar involves early exposure to literacy and numeracy. ECS teachers love it when children graduate from a Splish Splash program into their early years of formal education because they come well equiped in early literacy & numeracy.

All Splish Splash programs run our specialised curriculum to ensure that children of all ages are getting a good grounding in the basics. Developed by specialists in the Childcare Industry we are pleased to offer this one of a kind curriculum to ensure children engage in academic learning that is fun and interactive.

Second Pillar: Fine Arts

Our second program pillar relates to creative expression. At Splish Splash, we believe in the value of the arts as an outlet for learning.

We have therefore ensured that our curriculum is infused with fine arts integration in the form of age appropriate music, arts, crafts, dance and drama.  


Third Pillar: Socialization

As the third pillar in our 3 pillar approach to early learning, the social aspect is one of our key focuses. From polite table manners, respect for others and respect for self, we reinforce positive socialization  in all our programs.  

Our directors also take a 'common sense' approach to working with children that relates to the golden rule, treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.  Pretty simple, but a great basic philosophy to life we reinforce during these critical foundation years.