Splish Splash a professional private group of home based childcare programs located in Calgary's North West. Our programs are a cut above with each one offering an educational approach, professionalism parents can count on and most important of all, love and warmth! Our policies and part time options have been developed specifically for Calgary parents. Once you check us out, we're confident you'll agree that Splish Splash is the right option for your child and your family!

Program Highlights

Children learn at an astronomical rate when they are young. It is in this critical period of time that we must ensure they are engaged in stimulating activities.

Our programs are unique, developed by experts and proven in the field. Our daily routine involves regular theme based arts & crafts, physical activity, early numeracy, early literacy, music, drama and positive socialization.

The curriculum we offer is designed to be delivered to children at all different developmental stages. We set up our program environment so that children can learn to interact positively while engaged in interesting and challenging activities. 

Nutrition, Health & Safety


Splish Splash Programs offer children a nutritious mealplan developed  by the pro's. Children are only given home cooked whole foods each day to ensure they have the building blocks for a healthy body!

And of course, safety is always our top priority. Our programs have been given risk assessments and are checked on an ongoing basis to ensure safety. Our programs have a fire escape plan, daily routines that maintain a hygienic environment, and regular safety checks. On top of being experienced and professional, our program directors are all first aid qualified and police checked. Our directors also have access to health & safety advice on an ongoing basis in case questions arise during the day to day operations of the program.

Daily Routine


A Day In One of Our Programs (schedule may differ from program to program, but all elements listed are consistent):

- Welcome Children!
- Circle Time & Calendar
- Snack Time
- Indoor / Outdoor Free Play & Structured Activities
- Lunch
- Naptime (varies depending on children schedules)
- Arts & Crafts / Learning Time
- Snack
- Indoor / Outdoor Free Play & Structured Activities
- Home Time!


Tadpoles is a new addition to our programs. Allowing Parents an in depth breakdown of their childs day is something we're excited to offer.